Learn proven tools and techniques to advance your job search.
Gain insights about finding a new living – finding a new life.

Upcoming Workshops

Career Transition Workshop is an outreach ministry providing instructional, informational, social and spiritual support to people during the transitional time from one job to the next — from one career to the next.  Our objective is to reach out to the lost in a practical and positive manner to help them find, not simply a new living, but a new life in Christ.

More than 20,000 job seekers have learned our proven faith-focused and biblically-based tools and techniques to advance their job search.  This time-tested 12 session program was developed by Transition Consulting, a human resources consulting firm.

Our workshops are currently being held at several locations.  Here is a list of our weekly sessions.  If you are looking to network and fellowship with other seekers, looking to transition to a new career, or want to learn proven tools and techniques that will advance your job search then attend our career workshops.