Session 1

Accepting The Ax – Gain insight into what happens after the severance. Develop coping skills for moving on. Get Started

Session 2

Career Choices & Consequences – Learn basic decision models designed to simplify complex choices Get Started


Session 3

Two-Minute, Two-Page Resumes – Discover the key to opening the door and getting the interview. Learn how to market and sell yourself. Get Started

Session 4

Communication Connection – Learn how to communicate more effectively and improve your written skills to get in the door and stay in the game. Get Started


Session 5

Inter-Galactic Invitational Resume Skeet Shoot – Learn to review resumes like a professional.Get Started

Session 6

Search Management – Learn the four fundamental ways to find work. Manage and organize your time to minimize risks and maximize rewards. Get Started

Session 7

Networking Strategies – Networking can yield the highest return on your investment of time! Learn how to market yourself and tap the hidden job market. Get Started


Session 8

Interviewing Tactics – Understand the six steps of the interview process. Learn the tools and techniques to apply and improve your chances of positioning yourself as the ideal candidate. Get Started

Session 9

Classy Answers to Classical Questions – Learn how to anticipate what the interviewer is going to ask and why. Discover how to answer difficult questions to more effectively sell yourself as the solution.Get Started

Session 10

Interviewing Rehearsal – Review the good, the bad and the ugly from observing a staged interview. Get Started


Session 11

Win-Win Negotiations – Discover the art and science of salary negotiations. Realize the full potential of the “benefits” side of the equation. Get Started

Session 12

Wrap-It-Up! – Your attitude affects your actions, your beliefs affect your behavior, your outlook affects your outcome. Get empowered by enthusiasm. Get Started